Students must be enrolled full-time at the University of Sharjah during the entire work period.

Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5. However, exceptions are given to a GPA of 2.00 as well.

New students are not eligible to work through SEP until they have completed at least one semester (a minimum of 15 credit hours).

Students enrolled in the Intensive English Language Program (IEP) are not permitted to apply through SEP program.


SEP payment ranges from between AED20 to AED25 per hour

An enrolled student is permitted to work 15 hours per week (60 hours per month) when the University is in session and/or breaks

A student may be permitted to work up to 40 hours per week (160 hours per month), with the permission of the Budget Owner of the department/unit

Students are not permitted to work until and unless the budget approval is well received

•      Timesheets received beyond the fiscal year shall not be entertained

Students are not permitted to receive payment for any work beyond the hours as stated in the confirmation email

Students are not permitted to work in two SEP positions at one given time

Students are not permitted to work during final exams, weekends, or official public holidays

       Students are not permitted to consider their internship in the University as SEP

•      Students are not permitted to work in any other part/full time job at University premises

•      Students who have cleared their documents from UoS are not permitted to work under SEP

      Students who finished the graduation requirements and did not obtain their certificate are allowed to work for no more than 12 months

•      Students are required to adhere and monitor the HR Policies & Procedures during any pandemic/emergency


Students wishing to apply for one of the vacancies announce should follow the below procedures:

1.. Click on the "Part-time Job Opportunities" at the end of this page to browse the available job opportunities and click on "View Details" for more information.
2. Click on the "Apply Now" button and fill out the job application form. 
3. Check to make sure that the information entered is correct and then click "Submit".

Note: If a response is not received within two weeks of the announcement expiry, this means that the vacancy has been filled.

Acceptance Process

CASTO is responsible for finalizing the acceptance process through the following:

1. Receives the submitted applications.
2. Screens the applications to make sure that they meet the criteria/eligibility for student employment as stated in the criteria.
3. Sends applications to the departments/units to complete the selection process by interviewing shortlisted students and selecting the appropriate candidate.
4. Forwards a confirmation email of contract details to the selected candidates along with the timesheet template and request for their IBAN details to process their payment.

Note: Part-timers shall receive their stipend from the Finance Department.

Interested in working within the campus and be part of the SEP? 
To apply for part-time jobs, please click here.

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