• Students must be enrolled full-time at the University.
  • Students must have a grade of ‘good’ (i.e. a minimum GPA of 2.5).
  • New students may not apply for work at the University until they have completed one semester (a minimum of 15 credit hours).
  • Students enrolled in the Intensive English Language Program (IEP) are not permitted to apply for work in the University’s SEP program.
  • The Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs may consider some cases that do not meet the previously mentioned conditions.


Students wishing to apply for one of the vacancies being annonced should follow the below procedures:

  1. Access the UoS website through Internet browser and then click on Student Employment Program option found in the Links section.
  2. Click on the "Job Opportunities" button to browse the available job opportunities and click on "View Details" button for more information.
  3. Click on "Apply Now" button and fill out the job application form. 
  4. Check to make sure that the information entered is correct and then clicking "Submit".
  5. Wait for a response from the department/unit for up to at most two weeks from the application’s closing date.

  6. Please note: If a response is not received within two weeks, this means that the vacancy has been filled.


Acceptance Process

CASTO is responsible for finalizing the acceptance process through the following:

  1. Receiving employment applications and any additional attachments for students.
  2. Screening submitted applications to make sure that they meet the criteria for student employment as stated in the criteria for selection above.
  3. Sending employment applications meeting the required standards and criteria to the departments/units with vacancies in order to complete the selection process.
  4. Informing the selected students through Email about their acceptance and recieve their IBAN details in order to process their payment electronically.


  • Student employees should receive their wages from the Finance Department in a period of at most up to 1 week after the Student Timesheet has been submitted (By the end of each working month).