Student Employment Program

Introduction ​

The Career Advancement & Student Training Office (CASTO) at the University of Sharjah provides opportunities for enrolled students to work as part-timers within the campus through the Student Employment Program (SEP); it also builds a workforce that is ready to be called upon to serve the needs of the University community.

Students working part-time serve in a wide variety of positions on campus. The person answering the phone when you call a campus department is usually a UOS student working part-time. Those assisting you in the Admission Department & Registration Department are also students working part-time. The organizing committees for conferences, workshops, and graduation ceremonies, and the individuals calling graduates to update information on the alumni database, all are also UOS students who are working part-time. The Sustainability Office hires SEP students to work on different projects and initiatives to enhance sustainability on campus.

Some of the benefits that students gain from part-time job opportunities offered through SEP are:

  • Job opportunities to gain experience and support their resume.
  • Financial support.
  • Fostering minds who are enthusiastic and ready to assist when called upon.
  • Attaining diverse practical skills including (setting priorities, time management, and work ethics).

General Overview

Any full-time enrolled undergraduate student is eligible to work on a part-time basis on campus. Listed are some criteria that the students should possess: 

  • Student’s major
  • Course load
  • GPA
  • Credit hours fulfilled
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Qualifications
  • Personality


  • SEP payment is AED 25/- per hour unless stated otherwise.
  • Working hours per day shall not exceed 8 hours/day.
  • Workdays are from Mondays to Thursdays unless stated otherwise.
  • Workweek shall be 4 days/week only.​

Applying procedures for students and employers

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