Process for Announcing Vacancies

Departments/units wishing to employ students must register available vacancies with CASTO by following the below procedures:

  1. Making sure there are sufficient funds in the department’s/unit’s budget to cover the positions to be announced.
  2. Filling out the Student Employment Form (V-Form).
  3. Making sure to fill in all required fields.
  4. Print and send a signed and approved hard copy of the form to CASTO office in the main building (M11-025).

Remark: Please note that a vacancy will be announced only after receiving a signed copy of the V-Form from the employer.

Acceptance Process

CASTO is responsible for finalizing the acceptance process through the following:

  1. Reviewing in coordination with the Finance Department the vacancy’s details and making sure that the department’s/unit’s allocated budget will allow for the designated payment to the student.
  2. Announcing vacancies as detailed in the (V-Form).
  3. Receiving employment applications and any additional attachments for students.
  4. Screening submitted applications to make sure that they meet the criteria for student employment as stated in the criteria for selection above.
  5. Sending employment applications meeting the required standards and criteria to the departments/units in order to complete the selection process by interviewing shortlisted students and selecting the appropriate candidate.

Employment Process

Departments/Units seeking to employ students are responsible for the selection process and should follow the below employment procedures:

  1. Notifying CASTO of the name of the student/s who have been selected by sending the complete Nomination Form.
  2. CASTO office sends a confirmation email to the selected cadidate with the contract details.
  3. Appointing a direct supervisor from the department/unit, whose task will be to oversee the student’s performance and his/her duties at the place of work or for whatever the project might be.
  4. Overseeing the preparation of the Student Timesheet for the respective student/s and verifying that this matches the actual number of hours worked.
  5. Submitting the complete Student Timesheet to CASTO office at the end of each month, as approved by both the Direct Supervisor and the Dean/Director.


  • Student employees should receive their wages from the Finance Department in a period of at most up to two weeks after the Student Timesheet has been submitted.

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